We help entrepreneurs overcome limitations to build impactful businesses they are proud of.

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We help entrepreneurs overcome limitations to build impactful businesses they are proud of

A force for change.

We recognise that one of the most powerful vehicles for positive change in our world is a passionate entrepreneur with a vision - an entrepreneur with a desire to build impactful products and businesses. Without entrepreneurs, our world would not exist as we know it, and our future could not take place as we dream it.

A commitment to solutions.

We believe that what defines an entrepreneur is not a desire for a better life or a bigger income - despite there being nothing wrong with these things - but it is instead an ability to see a problem, and create a solution. Entrepreneurs don’t quit at the first sign of trouble. They overcome. They build. They solve.

A journey to travel.

We’ve discovered most entrepreneurs at some stage in their journey face one of these two common limitations - skillsets and mindsets. The skills required of an entrepreneur that makes an impact. Coupled with the mindsets of success that create the foundations for longevity. Don’t just launch; last.

So we're setting out on a missionto help entrepreneurs overcome these limitations and build their impactful business with:

We’re assembling a growing library of accessible content and training created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. 

Not perfect gurus who'e got everything together. But real entrepreneurs passionate about impact and implementing result-producing methodology in active businesses.

Alongside the content is a commitment to communities - ranging from online groups to in person events.

Communities that value authenticity over autonomy and shared resources over self-interests. Communities that sharpen each other and support each other.

Our hope is that this pursuit to provide helpful content and supportive communities would equip you to build your impactful business. What exactly is an 'impactful business'? We believe it's 3 things:


Simply; there's a goal, a reason for existence beyond owners' compensation. An impactful business improves the world we live in.


Purpose should come first, but without profit that fuels the engine of growth, purpose may never come at all. An impactful business is lean and profitable.


An impactful business has the systems and structure in place to create freedom in the life of its owner. It should create more freedom, not more stress.

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Proudly Supporting Opportunity International

At Impact Unltd we are passionate about creating change in our world. We are proud to partner with Opportunity International by donating a portion of our profits towards the incredible work they are doing across the globe.

Ben Donovan, Founder

Ben started his professional career as a real estate agent at the age of 18. At 24 years old his first son Joshua was born and life took on a whole new meaning. 

It was a crossroads moment as the realisation dawned - he was trading 60, 70, even 80 hours per week for one thing - money. 

Since then he has been on a journey to build businesses that no only give that time back, but also create an impact in the world. 

Now he spends the most focused hours of his day helping fellow startup entrepreneurs do the exact same thing. 

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What They Are Saying

Andrew L.

"I know for a fact I would have had nowhere near the same level of success without this support."

Matas P.

"Thanks again for all the support and mentoring - couldn't have done it without you!"

Alan S.

"This is the most professional content I have come across in my nearly 3 years of learning!"

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