Starting An Authentic Lifestyle Brand with Vaabs founders Tebo Mpanza & Jay Topham

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

In this episode, I had the privilege of talking with Tebo Mpanza and Jay Topham - founders of lifestyle brand Vaabs.

Teebs and Jay have a strikingly authentic approach to building brands. They are passionate about authenticity - a trait that is modelled in everything they produce. Whilst Vaabs initially started with a fashion focus, it now continues to evolve into a lifestyle brand. It is a brand that is considered, well-thought-out, and beautifully presented.  

In this interview we discuss topics such as:

  • How to start small when you don’t have a lot of resource
  • Dynamics to pursue when working with a business partner
  • The mentality to adopt surrounding product quality

And so much more. 

To learn more about what Tebo, Jay, and Vaabs, head to

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Ben Donovan 00:02
Awesome. Well, welcome to...

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Building A Tech Startup with founder Sabba Keynejad

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

In this episode, we sit down with Sabba Keynejad from is a rapidly growing tech startup, allowing entrepreneurs to create engaging videos for social media and marketing.

In under 12 months, Sabba and his team have scaled rapidly to over $40,000 in monthly recurring revenue.  

In this interview, we discuss topics such as:

  • How to get started quickly and iterate as you go
  • How to turn your passion into a viable business
  • Why taking too long to get started can seriously stunt your entrepreneurial journey

And so much more. 

To learn more about what Sabba and Veed, head to

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Ben Donovan  00:13
Welcome to the show today guys. I'm here with Sabba, the man. And I'm really interested to dive into a topic of conversation today, which I think you're going to find fascinating....

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How To Build A High Capacity Team of Virtual Assistants with Louise Sandoval

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2020

In this episode, we sit down with Louise Sandoval from Smart Virtual Staff.

Louise has built Smart Virtual Staff to over 35 team members in the Philippines. They offer a full-service agency to clients all over the world and have been a success story of the win/win nature of Virtual Assistants. When done right, hiring virtual assistants can be a huge help to your business, and also provides secure jobs with good working conditions for your team. 

In this interview, we discuss topics such as:

  • Why it is essential for entrepreneurs to build teams and delegate responsibilities
  • The best ways to ensure a healthy working relationship with your team
  • How you should approach the hiring process

And so much more. 

To learn more about what Louise and her team do, head to

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Ben Donovan...

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Raising Over $50m With Crowdfunding Sites Kickstarter & IndieGoGo with Mark Pecota

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020

In this episode, we sit down with Mark Pecota, CEO of Launchboom.

Mark and his team at Launchboom have raised over $50m with a wide range of crowdfunding campaigns on sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Mark has now distilled the most valuable lessons from that journey down into his new book ‘Crowdfunded’. 

In this interview, we discuss topics such as:

  • Why use a crowdfunding strategy
  • What products work best with the crowdfunding model
  • How crowdfunding conversion rates TRUMP eCommerce

And so much more. 

To learn more about what Launchboom do, and to get your copy of Mark’s latest book, head to

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Ben Donovan 
Welcome to the show today, guys. I'm here with Mark from LaunchBoom. Mark, great to have you on the show.

Mark Pecota 
Thank you for having me, excited...

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Local Disaster to National Success - The Checkatrade Journey with Kevin Byrne

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020


Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Impact Unltd Podcast!

In this episode, we sit down with Kevin Byrne, the founder of Checkatrade. Checkatrade is a household name in the UK and has helped fight the prevailing issue of rogue traders in the country. 

Founded in the midst of a local disaster, the journey has been anything but easy. Kevin has since sold the business and continues to explore business projects. 

In the training, we explore topics such as:

  • How to become a better entrepreneur
  • How to build a team that sticks around for the long haul
  • Managing cash flow
  • How Kevin felt after selling Checkatrade

And so much more. 

If you’d like to explore any further training, then feel free to check out our range of free courses here:


Ben Donovan
Well a very special welcome to what is the first, the inaugural episode of the Impact Unlimited podcast. I'm so honored that you join me on the show...

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Introducing Impact Unltd

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020


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Hi, I’m Ben Donovan and I’m the founder of Impact Unltd.

Impact Unltd exists to help you build impactful businesses you’re proud of. 

An “Impactful” business is exciting, fulfilling, and the masterpiece of any true entrepreneur. However, building one isn’t easy. We all face limitations. 

Our heart is to empower you to overcome those limitations and make your impact - whilst making a healthy income to enjoy at the same time. 

It’s time to combine what we gain an income from, with what we make an impact with.

Check out the video for the full announcement!



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There’s Always Room For The Best - Is Amazon FBA Saturated?

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020


US Politician Daniel Webster was warned about becoming a lawyer due to it being an over-saturated field in the 19th century. His famous response was that “there is always room at the top”. He went on to have a highly successful career and make a great impact on the world. 

Today I want to encourage you in your journey toward a highly successful business, by showing you that in the midst of a growing marketplace, that there is always room for the best.


Before we get stuck into our topic, a quick couple of announcements for you: 

1. Firstly, we have just launched our first-ever Network Nights. These have been created due to relentless demand from our private student community. But we are opening them up to anyone that wants to join us for a night of networking and encouragement. We are holding nights in London, Glasgow and Manchester. Each night will feature food, drink, and great conversation. You can find out more by visiting here


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Amazon Keyword Research: My Start To Finish Process

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020


When selling on Amazon, the money is in the keywords. Effective keyword research is the lifeblood of the Amazon ecosystem and today I’m showing you our beginning to end process for keyword research.

As I mentioned, this is “our” keyword research process - make sure you stick around until the end as I’ve got a big announcement to make about what that “our” is.

We’re going to be jumping in to this process in just a moment. Before we do, let me quickly define what a keyword is. 

Simply put, a keyword is a word or phrase that we use to tell Amazon what our product is, and when we want it to be shown to customers.


Step 1: Competitor Keyword Search

In order to conduct competitor keyword research, I use the Helium10 tool Cerebro. This allows me to search up to 10 competitor products at once and discover which keywords they are currently ranking for - both organically and sponsored - along with additional keywords Amazon...

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The BEST Things About Being Your Own Boss

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020


Recently I made this video about what are, in my opinion, the worst things about being your own boss. In the interest of fairness and a balanced view, today I’m going to be sharing my top 10 things that I love about being my own boss.


Being your own boss is, without a doubt, a challenging journey. But I’ve covered that aspect in this video and this time around I want to focus on the positives

Because, despite its challenges, being your own boss does have some great upside. Here are my top 10:

1. Income

We may as well start with the one most people think about. When you’re your own boss, there’s no cap. Theoretically, the more you work the more you can earn. Of course, there are limitations to this, but you’re not restricted to low percentage salary increases… You actually get to see the monetary benefit of your hard work.



Money is like fuel in a car. The car needs fuel to go somewhere, but fuel is not...

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Amazon Product Research: The Impact of ROI On Your Business

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020


If you want to run a successful business then metrics are everything. And in a physical product business, one of the crucial metrics to consider is Return On Investment. In this video, I’m going to show you just how crucial it is, how to calculate it, and how to improve it. 

In the business world, profit margins are discussed ad infinitum. 30%, 40%... opinions differ on the Holy Grail, but one thing is for sure - we need to be making profit. 

However, equally as important as a solid profit margin - in my humble opinion - is a strong return on investment. Return on investment, often referred to as ROI, can easily be overlooked when running the numbers on a potential product. But as I’m going to show you right now, the impact of ROI is exponential.   


The reason ROI is crucial, beyond just the very fact that it is giving you a return on something of value you are investing, is because it represents speed.

The bigger return you can get...

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