Amazon Prime Day 2019 - 8 Ways To Prepare

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2019

What’s up Amazon Masters!
It’s the middle of June, and for Amazon sellers that can only mean one thing - Prime Day is coming. 
This article here - - has it at a solid prediction of 15th/16th July. Less than a month away.
Regardless of whether you have started selling on Amazon yet or not, you would have had to be living under a Bezos-free rock in recent years to have not seen the hype around Prime Day. Once a year Amazon pumps a ton of hype into the ecosystem with a day - or more accurately - seemingly an annually increasing time period that last year lasted 36 hours - of deals and promotions. 
Amazon’s stated aim is to reward Prime customers for their continued custom. However, stats show that July had generally been the quietest month of the year for Amazon. Prime Day then was their way of kickstarting some revenue at a time almost equidistant from the beginning and...
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Amazon Product Listings: 3 Goals To Optimise Around in 2019

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2019

Amazon Product Listings - what do I need to do in order to optimise my listing in the best possible way in 2019?
I’m glad you asked! You can watch this blog in video format above, or read on below.
Jim Collins is probably most famous for his business book “Good To Great”. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it and you can easily pick it up at.. guess where?
But when it comes to Amazon listings, far too many people settle forgoodwhen they could havegreat. Too many people settle for 5 sales a day when they could have 10. Too many people settle for 20 sales a day when they could have 30. 
The reality is, unless we understand how to optimise our product listings on Amazon, we are leaving a LOT of money on the table. 
Optimisation simply means: "the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.” or “the act of rendering optimal”
Amazon is both an...
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Amazon Q4 2018: How To Win With FBA [Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas]

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2018
To interact with me about this blog, or watch it in video format, head here.
Hey friend,
Welcome to today’s blog where we are going to be talking all about Christmas! Yayyyyy.
HOLD ON! Before all you humbugs get disgruntled about how Christmas starts earlier eery year, we're going to be talking about how to prepare for Q4 (Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December in general) when selling on Amazon FBA. 
See in the UK the clocks recently went back by an hour in preparation for winter (booo).
And when this happens, as the nights draw in and it gets dark by lunchtime, people naturally start to think of the end of year festivities. As they do, they turn their thoughts to Christmas shopping. And that's where we come in!
Our private label businesses are already getting replies to our follow up emails (check out Feedback Whiz for a great tool to automate this) from people stating they will be happy to leave a review, but it...
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Biggest Reasons People Fail To Start

amazon fba Oct 26, 2018
For those who prefer video content and to interact on YouTube, this blog is in video format in this video.
In this post I’m going to detail the biggest reasons why people fail to start on the journey of building a physical products business using Amazon FBA and, more importantly, how you can overcome them. 
Our society in 2018 is one that has fallen victim of over inspiration. We aren’t short of inspiration anymore. Wherever you look you’ll find it. Our problem is not inspiration. Our problem is execution
A lot of people are hearing about this incredible opportunity, but not all of them are taking advantage. In a recent article by Feedback Express, it was claimed that there are now over 5 million sellers on Amazon worldwide. Yet less then 1.8m have products for sale. 5million people and businesses have been inspire, but only 1/3rd have executed on that 
You see 99% of people upon getting inspired will fail to...
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My Biggest Mistakes On Amazon FBA UK

amazon fba Oct 26, 2018

For a super in-depth video on this topic, see YouTube.

Have you ever made a mistake at work? It's awful right? That sinking feeling when you realise you’re in trouble with the boss.
I remember once in my estate agency career conducting a viewing on a house. I thought I’d done everything needed to ensure the house was empty before a viewing. Little did I know I didn’t do a thorough enough job and when I showed the house, as I flung open the bathroom do for this expectant couple, they were greeted with the owner's butt-naked brother in the shower. Face palm. Needless to say the couple didn’t buy and my boss wasn’t best impressed.
It feels 10x worse however when it's your own business and the mistakes you make will effect your own bottom line. 
In the early days of my Amazon FBA journey I made a few mistakes. 
My natural tendency has never been to be particularly risk averse, so when I discovered...
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amazon fba Oct 10, 2018

What's up interwebs?! Well here we go... I avoided this like the plague for so long, but here I am. In this, my first ever blog post and accompanying YouTube video I'm going to be sharing about why I avoided it, why I'm starting it, and where we're going on this journey.


First, a bit about me. My name is Ben, I'm 31 and married to my childhood sweetheart with 2 amazing kids. Real 2.4 children kind of stuff. Ever since I can remember I've had a keen interest in business. My first venture that I remember was around the age of 11. I'd just started high school and was selling gel pens on the black market to my fellow students. I would buy 10 for £1 and sell 2 for £1. "premium gel pens" I called them. No overheads that's an 80% profit margin. Nice for a while, but the demand didn't last.


So I begged my mum to let me get a job at 12 and eventually, somehow, managed to snag one at a hotel for £2.50 an hour. Pretty sure that was highly illegal even in the...

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