Find Your First Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon in 7 Days…

And Lay The Foundations For a Future-Proof Brand

Join the Brand Builder Challenge today to confidently jump off the sidelines and into the rapidly accelerating shift towards online retail.

Create a business that pays you both as cashflow now, and as an asset in the future - even if you have no previous experience, technical knowledge, or big startup budget.

Usually £29 - this time only - FREE!


Find Your First Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon in 7 Days…

And Lay The Foundations For a Future-Proof Brand

Join the Brand Builder Challenge today to confidently jump off the sidelines and into the rapidly accelerating online retail revolution.

7 days of live training showing you how to create a business that pays you both as cashflow now, and as an asset in the future - even if you have no previous experience, technical knowledge, or big startup budget.

Usually £29 - this time only - FREE! No credit card required.

In this LIVE 7-day challenge you will get:

Live Training

Daily action-oriented training designed to create quick wins and help you lay strong foundations for a profitable brand of physical products. All LIVE - nothing pre-recorded!

Bonus Materials

Worksheets, bonus trainings and more - all carefully crafted to help you launch on Amazon, expand your brand, and ride the surging online retail wave.

Community Support

A focused community of like-minded people encouraging each other towards the same goal, recognising that together we can go further than we can apart.

2020: Welcome to the New Normal

Honestly, if I hear that phrase one more time… “new normal”...

But, as cliche as it has become, the world has changed forever. 

What once felt so secure, all of a sudden presents no guarantees. 

Unemployment figures continue to rise, and media outlets paint an ever-depressing outlook for the years ahead. 

But the good news is, there is a shift going on in the world that also has the potential to give back control.

  • Control over your income
  • Control over how you spend your time 
  • Control over the future you’re working towards

Now more than ever it’s possible for everyday people to ride the surging wave of online retail to build a real business, a secure income, and a better future. 

And inside the Brand Builder Challenge, I want to coach you through the playbook for building what all the data suggests is a “stand the test of time” kind of business.

You see…

When The World Stood Still, Online Retail Took Off

As the world has been standing still, we’ve seen the continued meteoric rise of eCommerce. 

According to Statista, online retail was already on pace to almost double its market share in the 5 years between 2018 and 2023. But with everything that has gone on in 2020, those projections are being smashed out of the water.

Physical retail stores are closing in their droves. See the newspaper clippings for just a small sample.

However, for online retail, 2020 has been a whole other story…

  • The world’s largest eCommerce company Amazon made global headlines, employing over 100,000 NEW staff
  • Shopify, a leading marketplace for online stores, also saw record growth amidst this scramble toward online shopping
  • Millions of people who had never shopped online before had no other option, and all of a sudden discovered just how convenient it was. (spoiler alert: they’re never going back to their old ways…) 

The rise of online retail is no secret. Yet, so many people are still unaware that the majority of sales on these platforms, Amazon included, are made by 3rd party sellers. Many of them:

  • Small "solopreneur" brands
  • Stay at home mum-and-dads
  • Previously inexperienced sellers starting their own business

Like many of my students, achieving these kind of results...

From £100 to £10k to £100k...

These results are all from first-time business owners who recognised the opportunity presented by a continued shift toward online retail. 

They too discovered that companies like Amazon have changed the game, meaning that you no longer have to hire staff, lease warehouse space, or pack and ship every order from your lounge room floor.

You no longer have to trade every waking hour simply in exchange for an income.

Instead, you can create a professional, respectable business for a fraction of the cost of what used to be possible by partnering with these industry titans who already have the logistical infrastructure in place. 

Allowing you to trade your time on your terms - putting focused energy on the things that really move the needle - namely how to find profitable products that people both want and need. 

Online retail is here to stay. And in an ever-changing world, one thing is for sure: people will always need products. 

Inside the Brand Builder Challenge, you’ll learn the simple process for discovering exactly what kind of products to sell, and how you can use them to lay the foundations for a future-proof brand.


The 7-Day Brand Builder Challenge Schedule

Inside this live and interactive 7-day challenge, you will receive over 10 hours of LIVE and interactive training. You’ll learn the step by step process we’re using to build future-proof brands, and be able to get all your questions answered along the way.

Note: This is not a course, this is a challenge. When you enrol in the challenge you are not simply accessing pre-recorded content. You are joining us for a live challenge that has been meticulously designed to be an environment of action. 

You will be coached, encouraged, and inspired. We’re going on a journey together and this is what it looks like...


Day 1: Money Matters

Tuesday 15th September

The all-important numbers that lay the foundations for a business that allows you to take control of your future and live life on your terms.

Day 2: Retail Revolution

Wednesday 16th September

How retail continues to change and industry titans such as Amazon, Shopify & more give every day people incredible opportunities.

Day 3: Product Potency

Thursday 17th September

The systematic process for finding profitable products that people both want and need, building a future-proof brand.

Day 4: Amazon Accelerator

Friday 18th September

Live demonstrations of the best tricks and tools to dig through the important data on Amazon and unearth golden opportunities.

Rest Up!

19-20th September

It's the weekend... Take a rest, catch up on any missed sessions and take action steps on what you've been learning.

Day 5: Sourcing Solutions

Monday 21st September

How to confidently turn a product idea into a real-life product that solves problems, serves people, and builds an army of loyal customers.

Day 6: Brand Blueprint

Tuesday 22nd September

The blueprint every brand needs in order be secure, and pay you both in cashflow now, and as an asset in the future.

Day 7: Revenue Roadmap

Wednesday 23rd September

The step-by-step roadmap for launching your first product, growing your business, and creating your freedom.

*Bonus Sessions*


Keep group notifications on as we’ll be popping up with some surprise training on some of the off days before, during & after the challenge!

Remember, this is a challenge. Don’t approach this like any other learning experience. Turn up ready to take action

This challenge experience has been meticulously planned and crafted around helping you do exactly that. It includes exclusive training that NOBODY has seen yet - not even my high-level mentoring students.

I’m going to show up live every day for 1-hour plus and deliver crazy value. I’ll interact, answer your questions and open up the playbook on everything we’ve done to build this business. 

All I ask is you turn up and commit to taking real steps towards building a real business that creates a real change. This is one of the greatest opportunities for a scalable, positive cash flow business in the world right now - as long as you are an action-taker!


Here's everything you're getting inside the FREE Brand Builder Challenge:

  • 7 Days of Live, Interactive, & Action-Oriented Training - 100% live training with space for questions and feedback all delivered from a place of practice, not just theory. Learn the ins and outs of how we’ve built a six-figure business with these principles, but more importantly how you can get started on this same journey in just 7 days.
  • The Brand Builder Workbook - The complete workbook accompaniment to this challenge, meaning you can take notes as you learn and create a resource that you can come back to time and again - even after the challenge is finished.
  • Bonus Trainings -  Bite size ad hoc training sessions around topics such as cash flow, product research, and more. Look out for coffee catch ups too - a live weekend morning catch up to ask questions, reflect, and help with ongoing challenges. 
  • The Challenge Prize Pool - Prizes are awarded to those turning up and taking action, so get ready to pull your sleeves up and build something awesome this week!
  • Startup Resource Bundle - Make it to the end of the challenge and you’ll be rewarded with the biggest Startup Bundle we’ve ever released - packed full of tools, tips, and resources to help you start with momentum. 

We usually charge for this level of training, materials, and committed support. Future challenges will likely incur an enrolment fee, but for the first Brand Builder Challenge we wanted to make it as accessible as possible and are therefore offering it FREE!


So, The Choice Is Yours...


Watch from the sidelines as the online retail industry continues to boom. Don’t take advantage of a major culture-shift as more and more people every day are turning online for their every day product needs.


Face the fear and do it anyway, knowing that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Seek a separation from the time/money stranglehold and build a business that leverages existing industry titans to create a business that provides a scalable, secure income.


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