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  • My easy to follow four step process that normaleveryday people are using to build profitable product brands, even if they’ve had no previous business experience
  • How to start for a fraction of the cost of a traditional business by leveraging the world’s largest retailer, Amazon
  • How a little-known Amazon service allows normal people to grow their business fast from anywhere in the world, without ever having to ship or even touch a unit of stock
  • How to create products you’re proud to own and can source confidently by working with suppliers you can fully trust 
  • Why working more hours is not the answer to a desire to have more money, time, freedom, or impact and what the answer really is
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"What Ben provides as part of his training and mentorship is second to none. As a result, I've been able to leave my job and now run a successful FBA business that is on track to turnover 6 figures within 1 year, freeing up my time to focus on things I'm truly passionate about."

- Andrew L.

"Compared to the YouTube videos I'd watched, this course is exactly what I needed. Up to date, moving with any changes to Amazon and just overall a much better approach. I'd highly recommend this course and Ben himself."

- James E.

"It gave me a step-by-step walkthrough of all aspects that I needed to be considered. I'm now getting sales and have a clear direction and next steps planned with other products in the pipeline for my brand."

- Brett P.

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One of the greatest opportunities on the planet today for building a real business that can make a real change is a physical products brand that leverages online retail.  

The world continues to change at a rapid pace, and with change comes opportunity. In this free training course I want to show you how to build a brand you own, that enables business owners to stop trading time for money, and to spend more time on what matters most.
In 2018, just 12.2% of all retail was conducted online. Yet consistently we hear reports in the news regarding the rapid growth of online retail, and the decline of outdated, overpriced brick and mortar stores.
Online retail is projected to grow to a 22% market share by 2023 - almost double what it is now. We are only at the very beginning of the retail revolution meaning now is an incredible time to get involved in building something for the future.
The company that is on the forefront of this online retail explosion is, of course, Amazon. $1/4trillion in sales in 2018 and there are no signs of the growth slowing down. More and more consumers flock to the convenience and diverse range of the flagship Prime prime service. 
A recent eMarketer study claimed that nearly twice as many millennials shop on Amazon in comparison to baby boomers - suggesting Amazon’s growth rate will continue to rise in the days ahead.

What many people don't realise is that over 50% of sales on Amazon actually come from third party sellers (source: 

With the creation of the Fulfilled By Amazon service it's now possible for everyday people to build a real physical product brand by leveraging a global giant.

Amazon store and ship all your goods meaning you don't ever have to ship a single order. In fact, you don't have to touch a single unit of inventory!

It takes hard work and dedication, but you really can build a business that works for you by utilising the proven systems Amazon puts in place.


My name is Ben, and a few years ago I launched a brand that leverages the power of Amazon to create a business that works for me. It works even when I don't and now I have more time to spend with my kids, do the things I love, and give back to society.

Whilst continuing to grow my business, I've also been training and mentoring hundreds of others do the same. I'd love to help you on this journey, and it all starts inside the free Brand Builder Bootcamp training. Click below to get started today.

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